TWO URGENT ACTION ITEMS: Parking lots & Campus-Carry

Relevant bills filed and their status

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Re: TWO URGENT ACTION ITEMS: Parking lots & Campus-Carry

Postby Plato » Sun May 24, 2009 11:08 am

I think our issues are dead here, and its time to start planning to help defeat the current leadership in the Texas Leg.

From now on, no Republican will get my vote who does not spend his "political capital" on my issues. To say you support an issue is not enough, you must show me you are working to see the issue come up for a vote. :mad5

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Re: TWO URGENT ACTION ITEMS: Parking lots & Campus-Carry

Postby shawn » Sun May 24, 2009 3:17 pm

Douva wrote:
austin-tatious wrote:
Douva wrote:I kept checking on the streaming video from the House and couldn't figure out why they were still on the Local and Consent calendar, which is usually knocked out in the first hour or so of each day.

Then I got a call from a friend who's down at the Capitol doing some lobbying. He told me what's going on. Here is the Associated Press report, for those of you who haven't heard.

Democrats use 'chubbing' stalling strategy

This is good to know, Douva :clapping: HOWEVER, do we really need it posted on 5 different threads? :grumble

Well, it's the factor that is going to kill the bill/bills discussed in all five threads, so I wanted to make sure nobody missed it. Perhaps we should do a little informal thread consolidation. It's tough trying to keep up with one topic being discussed in five different threads.

AMEN! :iagree:

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