I-Team: Houston’s Stolen Gun Market

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I-Team: Houston’s Stolen Gun Market


Post by Vol Texan » Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:18 pm

Ii just finished watching and reading this article. Some of the facts presented are sobering, but some of the conclusions they suggest are pure idiocy.

I-Team: Houston’s Stolen Gun Market
An underground world that can have deadly consequences
http://www.khou.com/story/news/investig ... /80859228/

They talk about how many guns are stolen, and they talk about how the stolen guns are used in crimes...but they don't talk about how the laws put in place enable a lot of the thefts. My guns are only ever in one of a few places: on my side, in my safe, on my bedside table at night, or locked inside my truck because I had to disarm to go into (insert place name here). The first three items here are generally well under my control - but locked in my truck is a different story. Sure, I use a Nanovault in the truck that may stop petty thieves for a few seconds, or may keep kids' prying hands away, but it is far from secure.

It has been said on this forum many times before, but I'll repeat it for the antis that troll this forum for information: The most dangerous thing I do on a daily basis with my gun is disarm and rearm in my truck so I can enter a given location!!! That gun is much safer held on my side, clamped tight with a full kydex holster that prevents accidental trigger pull, with very little risk of being stolen. Disarming, locking & leaving unattended for a period of time, and then unlocking & rearming...that entire process introduces more risk to you personally than my concealed handgun ever did. To think that it pleases these MDA folks to know that I'm disarming, while knowing for a fact that it decreases public safety (including their own)...again, they are all idiots.

Take this even further, and they trotted out everyone's favorite 2nd Amendment detractor Sen. Rodney Ellis. He brings up the idea (once again) of making it a criminal offense to not report a stolen gun (see Charles Cotton's explanation of Ellis' idiocy here).

From the article:
The truth is, there's no way to know how many guns are actually stolen each year here. That's because there's no law that says a gun owner has to report when they lose a firearm, meaning numbers and stats about stolen guns may only paint part of the picture.
They insinuate that most gun thefts are not reported, so the number of stolen guns may be much greater than they expect. And yet, in the article, they say that only 3% of the gun theft cases are closed any given year by HPD. So... is there any reason to believe that HPD will suddenly get a better percentage when more cases come in? Have I used the word idiot enough times in this posting yet to describe the proponents of this anti 2A trash article?
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Re: I-Team: Houston’s Stolen Gun Market


Post by misterlarry » Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:20 am

Everything and in every way.

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