A fighting strategy

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A fighting strategy


Post by Chemist45 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:26 pm

As I'm sure you are aware, Hollywood mogul and all around pervert extraordinaire Harvey Weinstein, has been caught red - err, handed using his power and influence to molest and harass women. When caught with his, um - hand, in the cookie jar, Weinstein said he was going to channel his anger against the NRA.

What a gift!

So now, anytime some idiot in Hollywood or congress (or work) starts spouting off about the "Evil NRA" we simply say: "Oh, so you're supporting that pervert Weinstein then?"

One of two things will happen. They will either shut up or they will ask you what you are talking about. If the latter, explain that Harvey has been abusing women for decades and, when caught, announced he was going after the NRA (as a distraction). So if you are complaining about the NRA, you are supporting the pervert.

This should shut the liberals down faster than Chuck Schumer jumping in front of a TV camera.

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