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by Selina Kyle
Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:36 pm
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Topic: Ladies... Are you training, shooting on the move?
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Re: Ladies... Are you training, shooting on the move?

ChoqPOC wrote:
Divided Attention wrote:I don't think you can train enough! I find the classes I get to attend to be very therapeutic!
I agree, 150%! We live in the Dallas area and travel about an hour away to Greenville to train. We are extremely happy with our instructor and the RO's - the experience is priceless. I truly can't wait to incorporate carbine and shotgun training as well.
Hi ChoqPOC! Welcome back to the forum!! I wanted to let you know that I have been doing carbine training in Grapevine since March of this year. I shoot at the American Sportsman Shooting Center. Check them out at" onclick=";return false;. They have just set up a curriculum of Carbine Training Classes that I believe are starting very soon! Here is a list of classes and prices:
Basic: $75
Intermediate: $100
Advanced: $125

There is also a Ladies Night group that shoots every Wednesday night from 5-9. It's $50, and that includes sighting in your rifle in the 100 yard tunnel, training in the laser simulation room, and then live fire in the cinema range. Think Big Buck Hunter on a huge screen with real rifles! They have both hunting scenes and carbine. It is a ton of fun! Feel free to PM me if you want, and I will be happy to meet you up there. :txflag:

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