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by Bruin98
Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:35 pm
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Topic: Fair Park Cotton Bowl
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Fair Park Cotton Bowl

Thinking about heading to Fair Park for the fireworks this year. Is the posting at the Cotton Bowl legit? 30.06 says a gate is posted, but it's owned by the city so wouldn't a non collegiate football game be good to go?

No way I go to Fair Park after dark unarmed especially since we will probably train to get there.

We could probably catch them from elsewhere in the park as well--but just trying to see what any issues may be.

We normally go to Lone Star Park, but I was off put last year when the fireworks show only had 4 patriotic songs in a 16 minute show. usually it's 25 minutes long and all patriotic songs. And I've always felt comfortable leaving it locked in the car out there, but Fair Park is a no go unless armed kind of place.

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