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by Jusme
Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:40 am
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Topic: Shotgun suggestions
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Re: Shotgun suggestions

I am a fan of Mossberg shotguns. The model 500 pump, is a dual use gun for me. I got the Combo, which has a 28" barrel, that I use for hunting, and an 18" barrel, that I use for home defense. I really like the safety, being located on top of the Tang, which makes easier to locate, in the dark, and makes it truly abidextrious. They are very modestly priced, for just starting out, you can usually find the combo, for right around $400. The 590, is also a good option in a pump shotgun.
If you are only looking for a hunting shotgun, take a look at the Mossberg, 930 or 935 semi auto.

Shotguns, are like any other gun, in that, some "fit" different people differently. You will get, several opinions, from others, but, if you can try different guns, you will be be able to make a better decision, on what works best for you. JMHO

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