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by MaduroBU
Mon Nov 16, 2020 4:43 pm
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Topic: Accuracy or Speed/Accuracy
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Re: Accuracy or Speed/Accuracy

Get a chronograph if you are about precision. In long range shooting, you minimize vertical spread with precision loading and range estimation and you minimize the horizontal spread with wind calls.

Consistent loading will reduce velocity extreme spread (ES). Vertical spread can result from many things, only one of which is variation in velocity, which can only be measured by a chronograph. Despite how many steps go into reloading, the one thing you are actually chasing is low velocity ES. If you look at where the holes land, you likely have a low ES if there is minimal vertical spread (but you might have velocity variation AND wobbly aiming that counteracts cannot really know without measuring velocity). If you do have vertical spread, then you have no way of diagnosing the cause without a chronograph.

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