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by strogg
Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:57 pm
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Topic: Obigation to correct someone?
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Re: Obigation to correct someone?

Something very similar happened to me this past Saturday. I was open carrying, which isn't something I do regularly. It just happened to be DFW breakfast Saturday, so why not. Anyhow, I ended up in a very interesting conversation with a random gentleman at a store about private security firms and their business models, along with their rules and regulations and clients and his personal experience. It was a bit odd, as I have no idea how something like that started, but I didn't care. It really was interesting. Near the end of the lengthy conversation, he mentioned the nonexistent radio on my belt and asked me which PD I worked for. Then it hit me why he started talking about this stuff. I answered honestly that I'm not a police officer, I didn't have a radio on my belt, and I'm just a normal Joe with an LTC. That didn't seem to phase him at all, which was good. We still ended the conversation on a positive note.

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