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by narcissist
Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:24 pm
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Topic: 20 ga slugs
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Re: 20 ga slugs

The Annoyed Man wrote:
Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:10 pm
Not with a 20 gauge, but have shot 12 gauge slugs out to 50-60 yards with surprising accuracy, from an unrifled cylinder-bore Mossberg 590A1. There are YouTube videos of people hitting well out past 100-150 yards with 12 gauge slugs, with "minute of man" accuracy. I don’t see why a 20 gauge wouldn’t be as accurate....if a bit down on power from a 12 gauge.

Mind you, when I say "accurate", I’m talking about practical accuracy, not precision accuracy. I was shooting at a 2/3 scale IPSC steel silhouette target, and hitting it pretty consistently. If you hit someone in the thorax or abdomen with a 1-oz lead slug traveling well in excess of 1000 FPS, it’s going to be almost irrelevant whether you hit them in the upper right or lower left quadrant. I’ve never used a shotgun for hunting, other than during dove season, but I would imagine that a slug from a 12 or 20 gauge would pretty much anchor a deer or a hog as long as it hit anywhere in the vitals.
Same here ive only used the 12 gauge slugs but like ( The Annoyed Man ) stated the accuracy is pretty consistent imo impressive. He is right on the money about this subject.

Great round for whitetail or wild piggys, as far as 20 gauge I see not much point when the recoil is almost the same but totally understand you use what you have. I think you will still have great luck with that 20 gauge though. Good luck!

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