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by Warhorse545
Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:49 pm
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Topic: Hee Haw Supper
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Re: Hee Haw Supper

Pawpaw wrote:Dang, that's gooooooood eatin'! :drool:

Makes my brisket & mustard tater salad sound down right citified. :???:

Toss in nanner pudding and your back to full country boy status. :) I visited my fam back in Kansas a bit back and got biscuits, ham and red eye gravy. Man did that bring back memories.

Miss collard greens done right. I really really do. Never cared for yams or sweet potato Not even with the marshmallows on top. But greens done right with pork fat and ham hocks..... :thewave Think what Popeye could have accomplished on those.

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