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by rtschl
Wed May 29, 2019 10:24 am
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Topic: Firearm in vehicle at work
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Re: Firearm in vehicle at work

IANAL... I wouldn't "fight it". I would just keep quiet. If you let them know that Texas law prohibits them from terminating you for having a weapon in your vehicle, they might state a different reason for the termination. If they are as anti-gun as you state, I would fear they might find a reason to terminate you for bringing it to their attention because they will assume you have a weapon in your vehicle. As stated above they could just let you go for no reason since Texas is an at will state.

I do hope you kept a copy of the sheet you signed. I agree with Soccerdad1995 that they have given you possible evidence of wrongful termination if they do find you have a weapon and subsequently terminate you.

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