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Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:33 pm
Forum: 2015 Legislative Session
Topic: U.S. Law Shield - Gun Law Center: Texas Open Carry is Immine
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Re: U.S. Law Shield - Gun Law Center: Texas Open Carry is Im

nlyric wrote:
Tracker wrote:

If what he's saying about section 46.02 is right then LEO could always demand ID from groups like OCT, yes/no?
I called [pre-paid legal] and talked to a lawyer and that is their view. They can stop, detain, and you will be required to produce chl/id. Because it is illigal in Tx to carry a handgun. We are simply the exceptions.
Long guns not the same as there is no law. So no papers please/ no I'd/ no detain. Unless of course there is RAS of a crime. Or concensual of course.
I think their logic is that the fact that only 3% of Texans have been granted exceptions, that it could be reasonable to assume a crime by the mere sight of a handgun. They seemed sure there will be law suits, but not so sure of the outcome in the 5th circuit. As their are some liberal judges. Not all but some.
This is the way I understood my conversation with them.
The fact that the law clearly states it is not reasonable will mean that when this happens the officer will NOT have qualified immunity. After the first LEO loses everything he owns, it will stop.

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