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by chasfm11
Mon Feb 22, 2021 8:03 am
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Topic: Oakland Police Cheif wants 'Good witnesses' not armed citizens
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Re: Oakland Police Cheif wants 'Good witnesses' not armed citizens

I evaluate the statements by politicians (and yes, I believe this chief is one) based on how stupid they think the people that they are supposed to serving are. For example, our representatives in the Texas House thing that the people of Texas are more stupid that the Oklahoma House members believe that their constituents are since Oklahoma has Constitutional Carry and Texas doesn't.

Here is the quote from the chief that jumped out at me in that regard.
We’re not talking about someone’s life being immediately taken, we’re talking about someone firing a weapon into the community when at that point it didn’t seem appropriate to do so.”
So the residents of his town cannot be allowed to act because those actions might not be appropriate. Of course, across the country, the citizens of other towns do act so it must just be his citizens that are too stupid to be allowed that possibility.

I don't want to blame the Oakland officers for the current situation in their city. But the policies of the department seem to be a factor in that. ... n-the-rise

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