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by JP171
Thu May 30, 2013 9:20 pm
Forum: 2013 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: HB 972 -Not enough votes?
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Re: HB 972 -Not enough votes?

HK_USP_45 wrote:I am an adjunct for a local college (2 year) and always have a few students in class that are just out of prison or on probation or parole. I had a confrontation with one last year that was being disruptive in class. Now, I don't know what he would have done if he had been armed, but he was under 21 and a convicted felon. It was illegal for him to possess a weapon. The problem I had was, I wasn't armed because of policy. So now we have two individuals with a conflict, one under 21 and in pretty good shape. The other over 60 and not. That would be me. He didn't need a gun to hurt me. I needed a gun to defend myself if he decided to do serious bodily harm. My years as a peace officer helped me with conflict resolution, in fact I taught classes on that subject for TCLEOSE. The situation was resolved without incident. A month later he was arrested for violation of probation. Probably didn't pay his fees. That will get you revoked quicker than holding up a liquor store.

I suspect most of these professors are in the same category I am in. Taking a chance with weapons on campus and being able to defend yourself over being seriously injured is a no brainer. But they can't see that. Sometimes, you can be too "smart" for your own good.

I wouldn't equate that with being smart I would equate that with someone who is living in a white state of mind and oblivious to the reality of the world. The halls of academia are not the normal place for violence so it becomes something that escapes them, same as the memory of being bullied when in grade and high school has been pushed to the darkest recesses of their minds purposely so that they believe that the professorship they hold will protect them and they don't need weapons or rough men. I commonly call them Oblivious new scum johns be cause the hold the same beliefs that the singer does, the world is all roses and no thorns

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