CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun

There is seemingly no end to the extent to which anti-gun people and groups will lie about guns and gun owners. Post links to articles by these masters of prevarication here.

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CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun


Post by rob777 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:43 pm

I haven't seen any posts on this so figured I might be the only DC Comics fan on the forum... or the only one silly enough to admit it.

If you're not familiar with the Arrow show it's basically a vigilante superhero who fights crime with archery, martial arts and technology. The tv show pulls in additional DC characters to make up the team and of course the villains. Important to note that two of the regular team members use firearms as their primary weapon. Pertinent info since between the main character and support characters there is a lot of action in every episode (and by action I mean they kill or maim a lot of bad guys).

In an episode a couple of weeks ago called "Spectre of the Gun" the writers and actors took to the airwaves to tackle the topic of "gun violence" (what they called it a few times).

The episode starts with this from the station, which btw they have not done in 5 1/2 seasons that I can recall

"Tonight’s episode of Arrow is rated TV-14 LV. It includes mature themes, language and violence, which may not be suitable for all audience members. Viewer discretion is advised."

If you don't follow the show here are a few of the characters for reference to some of the quotes from the episode (race, gender and background... again all pertinent to the 'discussions')
C (black male, computer whiz)
J (black male, retired vet)
F (white female, computer whiz)
R (hispanic male, dishonorably discharged vet)
Q (white male, retired police officer)
D (white female, retired police officer)

An attacker shoots up city hall with a full auto rifle (or a really, really fast trigger finger :fire ).
The team confiscates the rifle then huddles around it.
C: “This is military grade hardware”
J: “AR-15 Assault weapon. It fires 5.56 NATO rounds.”
C: “It’s an M16. It’s literally the same gun as an M16”
D: “It’s an AR-15. It’s available on the open market. In fact it’s the most popular gun in America”
C: “Land of the free. Home of the incredibly stupid”

No luck finding the bad guy, the team has this exchange
C: “What if instead of tracking him we track the assault weapon?”
R: “Rifle!”
F: “There’s no gun database for me to go through anyway”
C: “Yeah. Why wouldn’t we want something like that?”
R: “So the government doesn’t know our business.”
C: “I don’t have any problem with your right to bear arms so long as it doesn’t conflict with my right to, you know, live.”
R: “Are you kidding me man! Look at what we do. Our whole life is violence!”
C: “I’m not talking about what we do to protect the city. I’m talking about the fact that as a black man I am 3 times more likely to be killed by a gun than you”
Q: “He’s got a point”
R: “Seriously? You were a cop man.”
Q: “And cops would kind of like it if there were less people out there with guns.”
D: “Not this cop. I mean people have a right to protect themselves.”

All of that is in the first 15 minutes of a 40 minute program. I haven't watched past this point so I'm fairly certain there's more.

And yes I went back to watch that first 15 minutes again to get the quotes.... banging my head against the wall again. :banghead:
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Re: CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun


Post by Flightmare » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:48 pm

I watched the whole episode. And yes, in my opinion the vast majority of that episode felt like a gun control "PSA".
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Re: CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun


Post by The Annoyed Man » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:11 am

C: “I’m not talking about what we do to protect the city. I’m talking about the fact that as a black man I am 3 times more likely to be killed by a gun than you”
Q: “He’s got a point”
And the vast majority of black men who die by gunfire, die at the hands of other black men, not someone of another race. That is a cultural problem. (I am including historical and economic issues under the greater heading of culture.) It is dangerous to imply that the rights of one race must be curtailed, because members of another race are unable to stop killing one another. The argument would still need to be rejected out of hand, even if the killing were exclusively across racial lines - one race being almost exclusively the victims of another race. If the killing is across racial lines, where race A is killing race B, then (1) the members of race A still need to be able to defend themselves from one another, and (2) the members of race B need to be able to defend themselves against both race A, and race B. In the end, everyone's rights get curtailed, and the killing continues.

We already know what it looks like when the rights of one race are curtailed so that another race won't have to address its systemic cultural issues. It was called Jim Crow. Whites disarmed blacks because whites didn't want to confront the concessions they needed to make toward a more egalitarian society. Today, we look at blacks who wouldn't surrender their guns back then as heroes of the gun rights movement. If the shoe were on the other foot today, whites who wouldn't give up their guns should be viewed the same way.

Curtailing the rights of the population at large is never the right answer to bad behavior from individuals.
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Re: CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun


Post by suthdj » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:21 am

Because of that episode I stopped watching it.
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Re: CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun


Post by growlerVII » Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:01 pm

I once caught an episode of "the glades" .......horrible show imo. They were tracking "loophole guns" sold at a gunshow. In Florida. A 2A friendly state. Long story short: main character walks into a gun store. Sees LARGE tattooed customer fondling an ak variant. Asks "what would you need that for?" Customers says "I have a rabbit problem." Main character violently rips rifle out of customer's hands.

I'm no writer but, that's some horrible television. I mean, who acts like that?

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Re: CWTV - Arrow: Spectre of the Gun


Post by MrMcCullster » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:19 pm

I've been a big fan of Arrow since the beginning, and have even read some of the tie-in digital comics that they do in-between TV seasons.

Unfortunately the show has turned into a CW soap-opera with super-heroes, but I still watch it for the fight choreography and the small tidbits of Green Arrow lore they sprinkle in from time to time.

Sadly we switched cable providers to PS Vue and we no longer get the CW network (stupid Viacom pulling Spike, Comedy Central, and CW channels from all distributors), so I need to go back and catch up on this past season.

Thanks for the heads up on this episode. I'll keep an eye out for it when I watch. I usually always chalk up the gun misinformation to an uninformed writer who doesn't really know guns.

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