State Police contact - GOOD

Most CHL/LEO contacts are positive, how about yours? Bloopers are fun, but no names please, if it will cause a LEO problems!

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State Police contact - GOOD


Post by RJS » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:45 am

I was in the carpool lane on I-45 when I was pulled over. I was doing 75 in 65. Partly why I was speeding was because I saw an SUV tailgating me, and I wanted to get more distance between us since crossing a double solid line is illegal. When he hit his lights, only then did I notice it was State Police. Awwww shucks! OK, here we go... I move over all the way to the right side of the freeway. As soon as we came to a stop, I pulled out my CHL and DL, rolled down both windows and put my both hands on the wheel. When the officer approached, I handed him both CHL and DL. He was an older gentleman. He handed me back my CHL right away and said... "Sonny, that carpool lane ain't for speeding..." "My apologies sir." "You know what the speed limit is?" "Yes sir! It's 65." "OK, then! You folks have a nice day and stay safe." I felt like I was pulled over by dad... LOL

He never asked me if I had my weapon on me. Good thing because I didn't as we were on our way to the airport to fly outta town. I was told by my LEO friends that a number of LEO's will give you a talkin'-to if you are a CHL and are not carrying... Makes sense as there has been a number of recent incidents where a CHL helped officer in distress.

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Re: State Police contact - GOOD


Post by TresHuevos » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:54 am

My right foot is heavier than it should be when I'm behind the wheel, hence the number of encounters I have with LEOs is more than average. I have been very very impressed with the professionalism at the Texas DPS. Everyone that I have met has been tactically competent in their approach to my vehicle and extremely polite. The culture of professionalism they enjoy is serving them well. Hats off to our Troopers! :txflag:
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