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Re: New Instructor Training Questions


Post by Mike S » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:45 am

jmorris wrote:
Thu Nov 01, 2018 6:02 pm
Mike S wrote:
Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:56 am

The DPS Instructors will go over their scoring procedure as part of the class, prior to the practical exercise.

Step 1: Account for all 50 rounds. Just counting to ensure all 50 are there. (They do make allowances for what you described, where it's obvious several rounds went through one ragged hole. They will address this, & if they don't please ask the question for your own edification.). If any rounds were 'held' (meaning the shooter didn't fire for whatever reason), missed the green scoring area, or were fired after time elapsed you will need to deduct 5x points for each one at step 2. If there's a malfunction, the shooter must remediate on his/her own & complete the engagement within the time required (if not, anything after the buzzer/time elapsed won't count).

Step 2: Begin at 250 (possible points), then deduct any misses/held rounds/late rounds from step 1. Then deduct 1 point for anything inside the 8 ring. Then deduct 2 points for anything inside the 7 ring. (For scoring purposes, if the hole burns the line (actual hole breaks the line, not paper tears), it counts as the higher score area.). The remaining points is the shooter's score.

Hope this helps.
This must have changed because in my class they just had us count the ones outside the silhouette, then threes, then fours, then fives. Just checked the instructor handout to verify.
I'll check my instructor handout when I get back into town to see what it says, but I'm certain the first step was to account for every round. Using your method will come to the same mathematical solution, provided anything not fired within the time limit (or extra rounds fired during an engagement...) is excluded.

I do distinctly remember SGT Bamsch having multiple targets on display at the Georgetown Community Center during the first Instructor Renewal I had to attend (circa 2013?), & we had to do a practical exercise as a check on learning. He stated there seemed to be some confusion on how to score, to the point they include it in that year's renewal class.

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Re: New Instructor Training Questions


Post by twomillenium » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:26 pm

montgomery wrote:
Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:38 am
Congratulations on wanting to become a LTC instructor.

(major hassle finding another LTC instructor willing to do work with you) but you are also required to drive to Georgetown every three years and sit through a half day update course to maintain your instructor credentials. This content could easily be delivered online. But every instructor in the state must bear the burden of traveling to this event.

The DPS firearms instructors are outstanding, and the facility is top notch. Be sure to take some time to view the Texas Rangers memorial in the main hall area of the classroom building.

Have fun!
I guess that would be dependent on your location. In Houston area and DFW there were several instructors that got together to qualify and made an open call to any instructor that would like to join. The major hassle I see is when an instructor is not flexible with his own time.
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