Does anybody here still carry a revolver?

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Re: Does anybody here still carry a revolver?


Post by cmgee67 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:24 am

I recently switched to a Smith and Wesson 642 and carry 129gr 38 special +P federal hydra shoks and another five on my belt opposite side in a speed strip. I carry iwb. I have made this my primary carry gun for all the reasons revolvers make good carry guns and it’s so lightweight it’s crazy. I shoot it better than my Glock 43 I was previously carrying. I have really enjoyed going back to old school. I am not super tacticool and I just like gear that works. Case Peanut in CV in my front left pocket, spyderco, benchmade, or buck of some sort in my front right, gun 4:00 iwb, phone, keys, wallet, and rats tourniquet is pretty much how I roll. I also carry my Streamlight stylus pro in front right next to my big knife.

I pull out my gun every Saturday or Sunday and give it a wipe down with a slip 2000 cloth then back in the holster it goes. Then I take my knives out I was carrying that week and strop them with a black then green compound and get them back to shaving sharp and call it good. Nothing too fancy I just do what works for me.
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