Obigation to correct someone?

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Re: Obigation to correct someone?


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LDP wrote: Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:08 pm [quote=OneGun post_id=<a href="tel:1258350">1258350</a> time=<a href="tel:1564599816">1564599816</a> user_id=17364]I was almost out the door when a man in shorts & a Hawaiian shirt shouts at me, "who you work for?". I told him the name of the consulting firm.
I would have told him squat. You are not obligated to answer random questions from strangers.
Including "are you a cop???" while someone is staring at your sidearm frightened.
So I think I would have kept on walking right out the door. I don't feel like talking to rude idiots in hawaian shirts. (But that's just me)

FWIW, a good answer to stupid questions is "why do you ask?" Buys you time and throws them off because now they have to reassess and figure out a concise answer to justify their stupid question in the first place. Works well most of the time. :mrgreen:

As far as the deputy's behavior, I too would have loved to chat with his supervisor. His actions were not only rude and uncool but also illegal.

I was taught to respond with “ good question “.
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