DC: PA. MD busted for guns at Trump hotel. Other hotel gun stories.

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DC: PA. MD busted for guns at Trump hotel. Other hotel gun stories.


Post by surprise_i'm_armed » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:18 pm

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/trav ... ls-do.html

The above link details how a Pennsylvania doctor was arrested at the Trump Hotel in DC for having a Bushmaster AR-15, a loaded Glock, and additional magazines. Then it details hotel policies in various US states. The link was originally published in the New York Times on 10.7.18, and appeared in the Sunday Dallas Morning Snooze on 10.14.18.

The article doesn't seem to bash too badly on the 2A supporters, but of course their "survey" results may make you roll your eyes.

His BMW had been parked by a valet, who might have been the one to notice the firearms. Then the hotel turned over the keyfob to the LEO's. Is this legal? It seems like maybe a good lawyer could run with the "no warrant" angle on his car.

Mansfield, Texas is mentioned in this article as well as various hotels in San Antonio.

When I see various hotels in Frisco, Texas that are posted both .06 and .07, I feel like yelling at the desk clerks "You are making your hotel attractive to terrorists!" But I guess I'd be ignored since I'm a gun nut. :-)

You carry a gun so that you'll be hard to kill.

Know the law so that you'll be hard to convict.

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