SOLD: FN FNS-9C (black) Price Reduced

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Re: WTS: FN FNS-9C (black) Price Reduced


Post by strogg » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:06 am

Grundy1133 wrote:gotcha. so mckinney area... man i wanna buy this gun but i'd be in a LOT of trouble with the unemployed right now and im supposed to be saving money... :cryin :cryin maybe i could buy it and tell her its for her but she cant have it until she gets her plastic... and then forget that i had said that and just keep it for myself lol... if you dont end up selling the gun here r u gonna take it to a dealer?
Not as far as McKinney. Aubrey-ish? I'll probably sell it to a dealer at some point. Whenever I get around to it. That's what I ended up doing with the XD. Oddly enough, they ended up paying me MORE than I asked for on the message board. Haha. I should've just went there to begin with. As you can tell, I'm in no real rush to sell. I'm just tired of having it sit around.

And yeah, you probably want to stay on the good side of the gf unit. Haha


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