Christmas Eve Leo Encounter

Most CHL/LEO contacts are positive, how about yours? Bloopers are fun, but no names please, if it will cause a LEO problems!

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Re: Christmas Eve Leo Encounter


Post by mikedude » Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:29 am

The Annoyed Man wrote:
G26ster wrote:
S&Wgrl wrote: I don't know if her CHL had anything to do with her not getting a ticket or if it was because it was Christmas Eve. I'm just glad she didn't get a ticket!
On Christmas eve 1977 my wife called me from her job and told me she was worried about getting home because her car was acting "funny." I drove to her workplace and gave her my car while I drove her car home, and told her to follow me. On the highway, I goosed the speed to try and duplicate her issue, and was promptly pulled over by the CA Hwy Patrol. I told him my wife was following, and he told me he had already pulled her over behind me. After explaining what I was doing, I meekly asked if he was going to ticket me on Christmas eve. He said "No, of course not. I'm going to ticket BOTH of you." And he did. :cryin
My last moving violation was a speeding ticket issued by CHP on Christmas Eve, on Kanan Dume Road, out by Calabasas, on the way home from my mom's house at Point Dume. They are merciless.
I think CHP is easier then most of these Texas cities that run traffic for revenue.

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Re: Christmas Eve Leo Encounter


Post by S&Wgrl » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:17 pm

Sorry y''all, my computer crashed and I couldn't respond. I was armed but he didn't ask me and I wasn't driving. It was Santa Fe, Tx. I knew she wasn't legally required to hand him her CHL but figured it couldn't hurt. If there's a remote chance that it would get me out of a ticket I'll hand it over. That's why I told her to give it to him. Plus, I'm grateful for our LEO's. Yes, there are some that shouldn't be in the position. Thankfully my encounters have been good. They will find out anyway so If it puts them at ease to have it upfront then that's fine with me.
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